Boulevard Sur Plaza

Sur Plaza Boulevard is a large shopping center located about an hour south of LimaPeru, on kilometre 97.5 of the Panamericana Sur, in the Asia District. It is home to shops, restaurants, and clubs and opened in 2003.

Shopping and restaurants

Most of the stores found in the Boulevard are brand names found in the major shopping malls in Lima. With over 200 shops the boulevard offers from home goods to high fashion. There are also beauty supply stores, hair­dressers and supermarkets. Sur Plaza Boulevard does not have a food court but restaurants. These restaurants are located all over the Boulevard. Restaurants include Pizzerias, Fast Food, Seafood, Poul­try & Meat, Japanese and Oriental. Most of these restaurants close after the summer period, but some remain open throughout the year.

Events/cultural center

The Rimac Cultural Center was inaugurated in January 2007. Art expositions and plays take place in the building. Other than the cultural center, concerts and events are held in an area that is mostly used as a parking lot but can be quickly modified into a stage. Some events that have taken place include the Davis Cup matches of Peru’s national tennis team as well as concerts by DJs such as Armin van Buuren.

Other locations of interest

Visitors can spend the night at Sur Plaza Boulevard’s clubs. Clubs range from all ages from teens to older adults. Some clubs have an entry charge at the door while others are free of charge depending on the time one arrives. Inside the clubs there are bars, dance floors and a VIP section for those who pay a little more than the entry charge.

In addition to shopping and nightlife, there is a movie theater onsite.

The latest addition to Sur Plaza Boulevard is the Kartodromo Racing Dakart, the first professional kart track in Peru. The Kartodromo Racing Dakart covers 20 thousand square meters. There is an initiation track for the younger kids, competition for the adults and a Grand Prix that combines them both. Racers are protected by guards and are required to wear a seat belt, helmet and closed toe shoes.

Hotels have been built, located to one side of the Boulevard, away from all the clubs. There are banks and pharmacies. There is a transportation system with a taxi company and other local vans called "Aprills" taking visitors back to their beaches. There are multiple public phones and telephone companies, and a hospital.







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